Projects for the Development of the Youth and Sports Sector

Projects for the Development of the Youth and Sports Sector

The youth and sports sector development program concerns the construction of new infrastructures, the redevelopment and upgrading of public facilities and also equipping existing and future infrastructures.

Prefecture of Ain Chock District

  • Construction of an Olympic swimming pool and indoor room
  • Creation of the Al Adarissa Youth House

Prefecture of Ben M’sick Districts

  • Realization of a boxing gym and a sports hall
  • Redevelopment of the Hassan II Educational Complex

Prefecture of Casa-Anfa Districts

  • Construction of the Derb Ghalef socio-sports complex
  • Construction of an indoor sports hall
  • Development of a football field
  • Reconstruction of the Zerktouni Youth Centre

Prefecture of AL Fida-Mers Sultan Districts

  • Construction of an indoor sports hall
  • Realization of a boxing school
  • Upgrading of the Al Fida football field

Prefecture of Hay Hassani District

  • Completion of the development of the Lissasfa sports complex
  • Development of the Hay Hassani Sports Field (Hbib Zamrani)
  • Construction and equipment of indoor sports hall(Derb Najma)
  • Construction of a covered room and a swimming pool in Hay Zoubir

Prefecture of Moulay Rachid District

  • Development of Akid Allam sports area
  • Development of the Municipal Sports Complex
  • Development and rehabilitation of the Moulay Rachid swimming pool
  • Upgrading of the Zellaqa sports area (rugby and football)

Province of Nouaceur

  • Construction of 2 football fields and indoor sports hall at Bouskoura
  • Contracting Authority  Minstry of Youth, Culture and Communication
  • Delegated Contracting Authority  Casablanca Aménagement SA
  • Ministry of Interior (DGCT) : 75 Millions DH
  • Minstry of Youth, Culture and Communication: 129 Million DH
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