Casa Aménagement

Our Areas of Expertise

Mastered Skills

Casa Aménagement is a Local Development Company whose activity is centered on the urban planning and development of the Region of Casablanca-Settat through the execution of large structuring projects based on two major axis:

  • The first axis, concerns economic, cultural, environmental and social development ;

  • The second axis, relates to the economic, tertiary and industrial engagements of the Master Plan for Urban Development of Casablanca.

Also, Casa Aménagement, guarantees the projects management on both upstream and downstream to ensure:

  • The realization of major projects for the Region of Casablanca-Settat as the Contracting Authority, the Delegated Contracting Authority, or the Assistant Contracting Authority;

  • The conduction of the projects’ opportunity and economic viability studies;

  • The elaboration of business and financial plans and the search for financing sources; 

  • The management of the technical and legislative aspects of the different projects;

  • The elaboration of specification briefs and the organization of public tenders and the calls for expressions of interest;

  • The tracking and management of achievements as well as the project's budgetary and deadline management;

Our projects are supported by a strong partnership with the authorities, elected officials and other stakeholders.

Miscellaneous structuring projects

  • Infrastructures: Setting out infrastructures responding to international standards in order  to ease the traffic inside the city, modernize the roadways and protect the city against flooding;
  • Environment and Green spaces: Projects aiming to accompany the citizen's increasing demands for green and leisure spaces inside the city of Casablanca and offer new places of leisure and relaxation for all.
  • Culture, Leisure and Sports: Ambitious and inclusive projects, dedicated to the city's cultural, sporting, and touristic development and to the betterment of the quality of life for the local residents.<
  • Rehabilitation of heritage: Valorization, requalification and enhancement of historic buildings while preserving the patrimonial dimension.