Parking under Rachidi Square

Parking under Rachidi Square

The project objective is to absorb the deficit of parking areas on the surface, generated by the rehabilitation of the Arab League Park and by the closing of Abderrahmane Sahraoui and Pierre Marie Curie streets. In addition to the implementation of the new circulation plan for the zone, and the growing demand that will be generated by the activity of the Grand Theatre of Casablanca. 

Parking :

  • 724 parking spaces conform to international standards;
  • 1 sublevel;
  • 2 inputs and 2 outputs;
  • Accessibility to persons with reduced mobility;
  • Dynamic guidance system

Place Rachidi:

  • Development of the Rachidi square in order to accommodate various events;
  • Area of 18 000 m2;
  • Construction of a skate park on an area of 4000 m2;
  • Installation of pergolas on the two sides of the square;
  • Landscaping of the surrounding area. 
  • Contracting Authority  : Municipality of Casablanca
  • Delegated Contracting Authority  : Casablanca Aménagement SA 
  • Ministry of Interior (DGCL) : 130 Million DH


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