Redevelopement of the Ain Sebaa Zoo

Redevelopement of the Ain Sebaa Zoo

The Zoo of Ain Sebaa is a part of the city's heritage since the 80s. The project aims to transform the old Zoo into a new generation zoological park to fill the needs of the city with regards to entertainment equipement. 


  • Three geographic areas representing Africa, Asia and America ;
  • An animal collection of 45 species ;
  • An educational farm;
  • Two large pick-nick areas ;
  • A restaurant ;
  • A store and two newsstands.  

Contracting Authority  Commune de Casablanca

Delegated Contracting Authority  : Casablanca Aménagement SA

Architectural project management: RFD / ID PROD

Engineering Project Management : CED / INGEBATT

  • Ministry of Interior  – DGCT : 130 Million DH
  • Municipality of Casablanca  : 80 Million DH
  • Region of Casablanca - Settat : 40 Million DH
Global investment