The Dome "Kora Ardia"

The Dome "Kora Ardia"

Rehabilitation of the Dome "Kora Ardia" and its underpass by preserving its popular and symbolic dimension, and its conversion into space with a commercial and cultural vocation.

  • Recovery of project-related infrastructure
  • Renovation and upgrading of the dome and its underpass

Contracting Authority  Commune de Casablanca

Delegated Contracting Authority  Casablanca Aménagement SA

  • Ministry of Interior (DGCT) : 13,5 Million DH
  • Al Ajial Holding: 11,5 Million DH
  • Underpass area: 3 500 m2
  • Esplanade area: 4 800 m2
  • Green spaces: 400 m2
  • Nbr of shops: 5 /175 m2 
  • Nbr of kiosks: 6 /45 m2
Global investment