Coastlines of Mohammedia

Coastlines of Mohammedia

The project involves the study, design and development of the Miramar section of the Mohammedia coaastline.

The project involves :

Redeveloping the Mohammedia corniche, Plage Miramar, into a 2.2 km walkway in 7 sequences, while injecting functional uses:

  • Scenic sequence
  • Sports sequence
  • Cruising sequence
  • Youth sequence
  • Promenade East and West
  • Mannesmann connection

Develop leisure and sports activities
Ensure access for people with reduced mobility (PRM)
Win back the "Pavillon Bleu" label
Create intermodality with existing means of transport

Contracting Authority  : Mohammedia Provincial Council

Delegated Contracting Authority : Casablanca Aménagement S.A

  • Ministry of the Interior (DGCT): 125 MDH
  • Mohammedia Urban Community: 40 MDH
  • Mohammedia Prefectural Council: 35 MDH
Global investment