Coastline of Aïn Diab

Coastline of Aïn Diab

The development of the Ain Diab coast, will enhance the coast's attractiveness and develop mobility along the coast road through a qualitatif and plural fitting out and enriched activities. 

This project is part of the implementation of the agreement related to upgrading the coastline of Casablanca-Settat Region. 


The project consists of upgrading the promenade of the "coast boulevard" and developing the "Atlantic Ocean boulevard".

This 3.5km-road section will include an entertainment area, a seaside tourism area and a natural area for relaxation, strolling, open-air sports and a direct access to the beach. The project is designed according to professional landscaped plans in conformity with ecological standards. 

  • Contracting Authority : Municipality of Casablanca
  • Delegated Contracting Authority : Casablanca Aménagement SA
  • Landscape Architect: LEMAY-GEODATA
  • Ministry of Interior (DGCT) : 50 Million DH
  • District of Casablanca: 50 Million DH
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